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"In February 2010, Americans conducted 14.5 billion core searches, with Google Sites accounting for 65.5 percent search market share."

   - comScore

Our Search Engine Optimization
and Website Services

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Placement, Website Marketing:

Creating a productive and valuable presence on the Internet is about the technical aspects of the code which create your website, and also about the marketing strategies. As such, the process involves collaboration between you, as the client and Cobb Web LLC. This process is both ongoing and iterative, meaning that your website content should continually be monitored as should your rankings within the major search engines and the site's presentation and usability.

Our goal in this process is to increase your Internet marketing reach, and to provide an informational conduit to your clients, thus having a positive impact on your business results.

A good search engine optimization and marketing campaign will include:

  • Preliminary reports to benchmark the current rankings
  • Thorough review of pages for revisions of:
    • Content on the pages geared toward the keyword/keyword phrases with which you would like to rank.
    • "Search engine friendly" design
    • Use of widely-accepted, ethical Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Timely submittal of pages to the search engines
  • Monitoring and maintenance

Consultation - A representative of our company will meet with you face-to-face to discuss your business, how you want your customers to see you on the Internet, and develop a plan to build and market your web property. Our inital consultation is always conducted free of charge. These sessions will provide you with an understanding of how Cobb Web LLC melds HTML code and marketing strategy to ensure your site ranks well in major search engines, as well as, ensuring once a prospective customer finds your site, your traffic turns to leads or sales. The collaboration between Cobb Web LLC and your company is both ongoing and iterative, meaning that your web site content and functionality should be continually monitored and modified to secure high search engine rankings, and high quality user experiences.

Web site development and design - There is an art to "doing it right" when it comes to web site development and ongoing maintenance. Your site content will provide value to your prospects by giving them information critical to solving a problem - the solution being your products or services. If your site is difficult to navigate, your shopping cart times out, or your site content adds no value to the selling process, chances are your conversion rate will suffer. Concise navigation, easy to read content and consistent functionality ensures your site attracts new and repeat customers. On the web the competition is just a click away, so you only get one shot at making a great first impression. Cobb Web LLC's attention to detail and best-practices industry knowledge will ensure that your customer's first impression of your business is the best it can be.

Maintenance and Reporting - Business success on the internet is an ever changing, moving target. Major search engines are constantly changing the rules of engagement, and often, businesses are the last to know about changes that can dramatically effect their rankings. Cobb Web LLC will monitor and maintain your site so that you don't get left behind in the great "Search Engine Scramble". With a maintenance package, your site will receive continuous review and modification. Your pages will be submitted and re-submitted (as needed) to major search engines and the functionality of the site checked for broken links and other technology glitches. You gain the piece of mind of knowing when your customers land on your web site, the site will deliver your solutions to their problems... not create more problems for them to deal with!

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